Our living room wasn’t big enough,

so we opened up a restaurant.

We believe that good food builds great friendships, so we opened up a restaurant with “Community” at its core. The Wrap Shack was founded by the Cantley family to create a welcoming environment where friends and neighbors could come together to enjoy a delicious meal, support local artists, and cheer on the Gators.

Our secret is fresh ingredients spiced with our local taste. We use wholesome ingredients to create authentic dishes that you love because everyone should have two things in life: healthy food and happy hearts.

Come share our love of food and experience healthy, delicious dishes that nourish not just your body, but your heart.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Healthy Food

Happy Heart

Feeling Hungry?

Nothing like a fresh, artisan-crafted meal to put a smile on your face.
What will it be today?

My Compliments to the Chef!


Events & Gatherings

Live Music, visits from former Gator players, and family fun! There’s always something going on at the Wrap Shack. Check out or Facebook page for upcoming events and come spend the day with a hundred of your closest friends.

Got Some Thoughts?

We’d love to hear them